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Designer Illustrates 25 Bad Puns To Help Lighten Up Your Day

Meet Irina Blok, a designer based in San Francisco who loves to use her free time to doodle everything around her. If she has the idea, she grabs the iPad and draws it really quick. She wants to create a new drawing every day and shares them on Instagram to help others feel happy, especially in this difficult time.

“I hear many words that amuse me during the day, not sure why, but they are just too funny. Perhaps it’s a combination of being easily amused and having English as a second language. In any case, it’s a good method to escape our sad pandemic reality and deal with stress,” she shared.

In the past 15 years, she has worked for a variety of companies including Facebook, Apple, Yahoo and Adobe. Entrepreneur at heart, Irina runs Creative Blok, a little apparel design company inspired by what’s happening in the world today, according to her website.

We had big smiles after enjoying these puns, and we hope you’ll find these amusing too! Scroll down to enjoy for yourself and prepare to have a good laugh!

If you love Irina and her work, you can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and her website.

1. Blue Tooth

2. Porkupine

3. Manspreading

4. Deadline

5. Super Bowl

6. Handyman

7. Intermitten Fasting

8. Thumb Drive

9. Back To The Drawing Board

10. Defeeted

11. Framed

12. High Steaks

13. Flew Off The Handle

14. Half-Assed

15. Circle Back

16. Escargo

17. Charging Bull

18. Gummy Bear

19. Menopause

20. Human Connection

21. Changing My Mind

22. In Poster Syndrome

23. Mansplaining

24. Eating Garbage

25. Flaky Internet

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