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Six Abandoned Puppies Rescued From Secluded Field Are Now In Safe

It was a sad truth that in Serbia, many people do not spay or neuter their dogs. When a mom dog gives birth to her babies, they just forcibly take the puppies away from their mother and carelessly leave them somewhere. These little puppies were abandoned in a box in a secluded field. A kind farmer who spotted the babies called Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia for help.

After one hour of driving, the rescue team finally reached the location. They could easily catch sight of the puppies who were sleeping inside the empty box. The newborn babies were weak and desperately needed help. It was hot outside, and they might not survive without food or water. Therefore, the rescuers took the babies home and cared for them.

At the new home, the puppies stayed in a comfortable space. They were six super cute and sweet angels who enjoyed their bed. As the babies were too small to eat food, they were given some milk. Six little angels ate and slept very well. Thank you, Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia for rescuing those beautiful creatures and giving them a better life.

We are happy that the baby pups are now taken good care of. When they get older, the team will take them to the vet for health check-ups and vaccinations. Certainly, they will grow up into healthy and adorable dogs. If you want to adopt these little angels, please visit this link. You can send a small donation to Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia here.


Watch the full rescue here:

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