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Angry Bird On The Road

Turkeys – heaviest birds in the Galliformes family – are intelligent and sensitive animals that are highly social. They create lasting social bonds with each other and are very affectionate; rather similar to dogs. Wild turkeys spend their nights in the trees and their days on the ground searching for food. They do not fly particularly well, but can easily reach the lower branches of trees to escape predators. That’s the knowledge of turkeys we are taught so far; but after watching this clip, we may change our ideal concept about this interesting creature.

Now take a look at this hilarious situation we have here. This half-grownup and aggressive animal is getting down the street and cheering himself up by messing up with a bad luck moto-driver. This “messing-up” action is a hard-hitting and cute at the same time (for the watchers only, but not for the motorbike owner).


Yet, embellished with illustrational drawing arms and fictional weapon, he brings along a sword in his right hand and a shield in the other. Continuously heading into this hooman, this armed turkey heads up to the driver as the real warrior while the driver stops for the traffic light. This moto-driver tries to fight back by casting the creature out away from him.


The ending is so hilarious completed. In one or two seconds when the clip ends, no care to the traffic light is turning green and the moto starts rolling forward, the turkey keeps chasing up the guy. Only “babies” get things thrown down the road like that when they can’t get what they want. This also reminds us about the famous quote in a cartoon movie: “nupakachi”. The bird must be yielding so bottomless from his heart.




>>Full clip here<<

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