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14 Funny Dental Memes That You Can Relate

Perhaps, we all have a “tearful” experience with dentists when we were a kid. We were scared of the regular dental check-up and were not happy to meet our dentists. Although it doesn’t happen when we’re grown up, it’s funny to think of this fear. Feel a bit embarrassed about it, right? If you have kids, you can also understand why they burst out crying when seeing the dentist.

The post today is about dental visits but can make you laugh out loud. They are funny memes that both kids and adults can relate to. You will have to confess that you used to be one of these guys. The dental check-up and its advantages are shown through hilarious corners.

If you want to spice up your boring day, just give these a look. Dental visits can be funny and entertaining, guys.

#1 Flossing? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

#2 When you never go to the dentist…

#3 Imagine what your smile looks like without any tooth.

#4 Sometimes, you can’t manage your tooth.

#5 I will smile like a baby with these teeth.

#6 When the dentist askes how often I floss.

#7 Smile after dental work be like…

#8 Has a root canal and go back to work

#9 You will value regular dental check-up

#10 I’m the dentist today!

#11 My dentist told me I need a crown, I was like.

#12 This won’t hurt a bit.

#13 Do you realize the difference?

#14 Are you a dentist?

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