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Two-Year-Old Pooch Lives Happily At Foster Home After Being Abandoned On Cold Pavement

Snoop is a lovely dog whose story might break our hearts. He had been living as a loyal friend with the previous owner, until one day, he was thrown on a pavement. At that moment, the innocent dog didn’t even realize he was being abandoned. But after all, he was left alone, disappointed, and hopeless.

On Christmas Eve, CCTV recorded a man who was driving his dog to a quiet road. He stopped the car, took out baby Snoop and the dog’s bed. After walking to the sideroad, he dropped the bed and unlocked Snoop’s lead. The naive dog ran away, thinking that his owner was letting him out for play. While the dog was unsuspectingly playing, the man ran into his car. Seeing the owner behave differently, Snoop was confused. He ran towards the car and begged him to open his car. But the ruthless man did nothing. The baby dog was still wagging his tail and desperately finding a way to enter the car.

Screenshot: We love Animals

When the car started moving, Snoop didn’t give up. The abandoned dog chased after it, hoping his owner to change his decision. But all he received was only the carelessness of the man. Snoop felt sad and disappointed. The dog came back to the pavement and stayed in his bed to wait for someone to help him. Luckily, he was rescued by a passerby after one hour of staying in the cold weather.

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He was soon taken to the vet, and the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) appeared to help the poor dog. Thanks to the microchip scans, they knew that Snoop had been staying at three different families. He was just a two-year-old boy, and it was hard for the young boy to adapt to those changes. Snoop was sent to a loving foster home and was taken good care of by RSPCA’s staff. He was a super sweet boy who loved being around people, sitting between their legs, and having cuddles. Hopefully, baby Snoop will find a perfect home for himself.

Screenshot: We love Animals

Watch the full rescue here:

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