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30 Funny Photos Of “Kid Logic” That Adults Can Never Relate

The kids have their own logic. They often do things and get into trouble that adults cannot understand. But the point here is they don’t find anything wrong with these. Why do their parents burst out laughing when seeing them in these situations, putting cheese between their toes, for instance.

It’s not easy to raise a kid. Moms and dads have to learn how to listen to their children and understand them. Be patient and a good friend of your kids. They may cause trouble sometimes but bring you tons of smiles and laughs during the tough time. And, don’t forget to capture these precious moments.

This collection can boost your mood faster than a rocket. It introduces 30 funny photos of “kid logic” that adults can never relate. Their móm and dads are the ones that share these “kids make no sense” pictures on the Internet. If you are looking for a vitamin for your Monday, these will be an excellent choice. Let’s check them out!

1. Walked In On My Son Watching TV Like This

2. Prepared for Anything!

3. Being on Pants for Halloween

4. Little Red Riding Hood Child Version

5. He’s Probably Got a Superhero Gene

6. He Didn’t Want To Be A Tiger Or A Superhero, He Wanted To Be A Traffic Light

7. The Book That She Carries Everywhere and Uses It for Everything. The Official Mr. Boston Guide To Bartending And Drink Mixing

8. Daughter Wanted A Barbie Centaur

9. Drew A Pillow With Chalk, Then Laid Down For A Nap

10. Genuinely In Love With Her Skeleton

11. I Came in Like a Wrecking Ball

12. Refuse to Sleep on Their Single Bed Every Night

13. Hmm, That’s A Worry

14. Started Making Her Brother A Coffin

15. Lost My Kid In Target. Found Him Here

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