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Stray Puppy Found In Critical Condition Was Rescued And Given A Happier Life

Sweetheart Anestis was found in such a bad condition. He had a severe injury on his body that caused heavy bleeding and extreme pain. The vet said that if he was taken to the vet a couple of hours later he would not have survived. Thanks to the help of DAR Animal Rescue, Anestis is now living in peace and happiness.

When Ermioni (a rescuer of DAR Animal Rescue) arrived at the site, the dog was lying on the grass to wait for her. He couldn’t move because of the big and painful wound. Without wasting time, Ermioni wrapped him in a blanket and took him directly to the vet. The physical examination showed that the backside of his body was in bad condition. Thanks to the anesthesia, the poor puppy fell into a comma. After cleaning his wound, the doctors also performed X-rays to check the internal organs or fractured bones. Luckily, there was no broken leg.

Screenshot: DAR Animal Rescue

The first two days was a difficult time for the little boy. Because of the pain, he could hardly eat or drink anything. The rescuer always stayed by his side and reassured the puppy. During the next weeks, the vet strictly applied daily treatment to his wound, including flushing and bandaging. In response, Anestis’ condition started to see some improvements. The wound shrank, and pains no longer tortured him. Several days after, Anestis received slight physiotherapy, but at that time he was still unable to walk.

Screenshot: DAR Animal Rescue

The doctors waited a bit more time for the boy to heal up completely. During the next two weeks, they continued medical care for him. The rescuer came to visit the little puppy every day, and she was happy to see his injury recover gradually. When Anestis was strong enough, he enjoyed the bath and had good rest before leaving the vet on a sunny day. Ermioni had already found a shelter where Anestis would be loved and cared for.

Screenshot: DAR Animal Rescue

Coming to the foster home, sweet boy Anestis was a bit timid at first, but then he enjoyed it so much. Two days later, Ermioni met him again. Her heart was filled with warmth and happiness to see the dog live in peace and safety at the shelter.

Screenshot: DAR Animal Rescue

Ermioni is the founder of DAR Animal Rescue which works to save abandoned, abused, mistreated animals in Greece. They are volunteers, and their only resources are donations. If you find their work meaningful, donate them via Payal.

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