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25 Times Dog Owners Can’t Explain What’s Wrong With Their Dogs

Dogs are smart, friendly, loyal, and affectionate. They love to be cuddled by their owners. Some even don’t want their parents to leave their eyes off them for a second. If their humans forget, they will find ways to let them realize their existence. And this turns out incredibly funny and adorable.

But there are also dogs that refuse to act normally. Even their owners can’t explain what’s wrong with their dogs. 25 photos in this collection can show you this. Weird and cute. People can never get enough of them.

Stay on the roof to watch people, walk like a drunken on the beach, dig a tunnel around the playhouse and get stuck,… these furry guys can always “amaze” and give their humans a heart attack. But these troubles, quirky habits, and petty crimes also spice up our daily life. Your family will never lack laughs and fun when having them. Let’s check them out!

#1 He just likes to watch people.

#2 Dog walks on the beach.

#3 We all have a friend like this!

#4 A net to stop the dog from distracting you when driving.

#5 His favorite posture to relax.

#6 A windy day!

#7 The little one hasn’t figured out how to smile yet.

#8 Copy the way his hooman sits on the couch.

#9 This is how to sit like a lady!

#10 Before vet…after the good meds.

#11 He sits like this on every car ride.

#12 They are just living with their own rules.

#13 Love knows no bounds 🙂

#14 “Are you scared?”

#15 When he is about to bark.

#16 Dig a tunnel around the playhouse and get stuck inside.

#17 Dog likes sitting in the cast iron.

#18 She’s not sure how to ask for belly rubs.

#19 He always ended up like this. He seems not to trust my words

#20 She licked her lips so much she made a milk moustache.

#21 “I think there’s something wrong with my dog”

#22 Side glance.

#23 A different type of fancy paws.

#24 His favorite seat.

#25 Cute Cerberus

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