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UFO Spotted Above The Sea In Devon By A Student Before It Disappeared

Recently, UFO sightings have become a hot topic, especially in the US. On June 25th, the government of this country has officially announced a report on UFO activities. According to the report, there is a total of 144 encounters since 2004 and 143 of them cannot be explained by US Intelligence. That is a surprising number.

And last week just has been added with one more UFO-related incident in Teignmouth, Devon, and the witnesser was a student.

Image Credit: Matthew Evans / SWNS

The strange object appeared from the horizon with 4 bright lights forming a triangular shape. The student, Matthew Evans was lucky to capture the phenomenon from his top-floor flat. He was looking outside the sea-facing window and accidentally saw the unknown object hanging up on the sea.

Image Credit: Matthew Evans / SWNS

“I couldn’t help but see it. My kitchen window gives a great view of the sea so when it came across the horizon … It wasn’t moving like a plane would.”

“It was moving a lot slower and went up and down for a bit before hovering a good 10 seconds.”

Image Credit: Matthew Evans / SWNS

The object was really bright, and after hovering for a moment, it quickly vanished into thin air. Fortunately, it stayed long enough for Mathew to take some pictures.

The sighting came right after the official report from the US government. This will only intensify the speculation among people about extraterrestrial lifeforms. The report, by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), said that there were 21 reports of unknown phenomena related to 18 events. That was admitted to be beyond the known technological capabilities of America.

The report has been made available to the public, emphasizing that the unidentified aerial phenomena “clearly pose a safety of flight issue and may pose a challenge to US national security”.


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