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15 Creative And Funny “Do Not Disturb” Signs To Keep People Away

What is the most unwanted thing that you usually have to deal with when you’re at work? I think most of the answers will be disturbing people. Indeed, if you’re working in a shared or even private office room, people walking in and out will surely interfere with your workflow. Maybe it seems like nothing. However, being distracted while working can have a devastating influence, especially when someone is having a complicated excel sheet or a tedious report.

Respecting privacy at work is one important factor, but how to do it? How do you tell your co-workers to mind their actions? And more important is, how do they react to that? Some people try to get this done by telling others not to disturb but in a very creative and hilarious way. Check out the collection below and see how they do it.

#1 This sign is perfect for overworked introverts

Image Credit: Imgur 

#2 This sign is more like a warning

Image Credit: amazon

#3 This sign hilariously asks for some privacy

Image Credit: Imgur

#4 This sign clearly states what counts as an excuse for disturbing you

Image Credit: Pleated Jeans

#5 This sign says do not disturb in its own poetic way

Image Credit: Pinterest 

#6 This do not disturb door hanger is brutally honest

Image Credit: Creative Market 

#7 This sign is like “just keep silent and walk out”

Image Credit: buzzfeed

#8 This sign is telling the visitors to pretend to be blind

Image Credit: buzzfeed

#9 This sign asks for a little private time to digest after a big meal

Image Credit: buzzfeed

#10 This sign tells that sensitive moment should not be disturbed

Image Credit: buzzfeed

#11 This sign is perfect for keeping your coworkers on hold

Image Credit: Etsy

#12 This sign gets straight to the point of having a do not disturb sign

Image Credit: Miller + Co 

#13 This sign gives rare exceptions for entering

Image Credit: Imgur 

#14 This sign features some strong hints of “leave me alone”

Image Credit: Imgur

#15 This sign answers questions before they’re even asked

Image Credit: Reddit 

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