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Poor Dog With Severe Dog Bite Wounds Feels Excited For Her Second Life After Recovery

Looking at this healthy girl, who knows she used to be at the border of surviving or not when she got bitten by aggressive dogs. After the fight with the dogs, the little girl was found in critical condition. The vet said that she might have slept forever if she had been taken to the hospital minutes later.

Her body was covered with wounds. They were bleeding so hard and containing pus. By looking at them, the doctor could understand how much pain the poor girl was suffering. They removed the pus and treated the abscess. The most damaged areas were her hip and eyes. One of her legs was badly injured, and she could not use it.

For the next two weeks, the dog received pain medicine three times a day. Her treatment included daily flushing and bandaging, as well as good rest. Thanks to the love and care of the vet, she calmed down and became happier day by day. The wounds started to heal up, and the pain no longer tortured the poor girl. At that time, her leg didn’t recover yet. The dog was given decent food and taken care of by good hands.

It was not until a month later that the girl began to walk, although her injured leg was still weak. The brave dog made an amazing transformation. She became a cheerful and beautiful girl. Seeing the sweetheart regain her strength, the rescuer couldn’t hold back tears. He thought that she will recover soon.

Now, the little girl is completely healthy. She has been discharged from the vet after recovery. The dog is thankful for the doctors and her rescuer who saved and gave her a second life. We hope that this lovely angel will find a great family for himself.

Watch the full rescue here:

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