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Talented Japanese Artist Creates Stone Art By Turning Stones Into Vivid Tiny Animals

We see stones and rocks everywhere, but have you ever thought that a tiny stone can become a piece of art? We just see the stones as inanimate things, and of course, they are just boring. But there is a Japanese artist who thought otherwise.

Akie Nakata is known as a Stone Artist who creates unique artworks from stones. She felt the special thing inside the rocks – the life of animals, and then she wanted to bring vitality to them. Hence, she started to paint animals on natural stones with a wide range of animals such as dogs, cats, turtles, tigers, elephants, and many more, like a whole kingdom.
Anyone who sees her work can’t deny that they look so vividly as if they really have the “soul” of animals. She has been dedicating herself to her craft since 2010, and now she has amassed over 105K followers on Instagram. Let’s take a look at some of the best stone art by Nakata in the list below. You will definitely be astonished at these impressive adorable works.

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