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Sad Dog Found In Critical Condition Turns Into Cheerful Girl Thanks To Great Love And Care

Lydia was found alone in a field in such poor condition. She was severely injured, malnourished, and dehydrated. Ermioni, who spotted the poor dog, couldn’t understand how she could survive after three days wandering in that horrible condition. The poor abandoned creature desperately needed help, so she took her directly to the vet.

It was heartbroken that Lydia got a rotten wound on her body and a badly injured leg. X-rays showed that her bone stick was broken and cut her skin. To heal up, Lydia certainly needed special love from humans. After the vet had flushed and bandaged the wound, the injured girl could take a rest. No one knew who had done such cruel things to that little soul, but the rescuer hoped that she would forget all the sadness of the past.

Screenshot: DAR Aimal Rescue

After a long sleep, Lydia’s condition improved slightly, but she was still very weak. Her therapy included daily flushing and bandaging, as well as caressing and love. It was such a long journey, but the doctors kept trying everything in their power to help Lydia. And Ermioni stayed by her side at any time. Receiving the best love and care, Lydia felt more motivated. She was in a stronger feeling day by day, and her wound recovered quickly.

Screenshot: DAR Aimal Rescue

When Lydia’s condition became stable, she was ready for surgery to fix her broken feet. As it was successful, Lydia was kept at the vet for several days until she was healthy enough to come home. Leaving the clinic, the lovely dog showed warm gratitude to the doctors who had saved her life. Without them, she might not have survived. Fortunatly, Ermioni had already found a good foster home for Lydia. She promised that beautiful Lydia would be loved and cared for at that place.

Screenshot: DAR Aimal Rescue

From a poor dog in a critical condition, Lydia turned into a cheerful girl living under the best care from her foster family. We are happy that the little creature is in safety and happiness.

Watch the full rescue here:

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