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Try Not To Laugh When You See These Funny Fat Cat Memes

Cats, especially fat cats, are ones of the best calming creatures in the world with their fluffy fur and gentle purring. These cats may look a little unhealthy and may need to slim down some weight by going on a diet, but they look super cool, funny, and cute. That’s the reason why fat cat photos always head the list of funny cat memes which will make you laugh whether you’re having a bad day or a bad break up.

Scroll down to check out the funny fat cat memes that are guaranteed to make your day brighter! Please share this compilation with your friends and family if you think they can also appreciate these chubby cats. We guarantee that those kittens will make your friend laugh out loud and all of your problems and worries will just go away, one by one.

#1. I ain’t fat, I’m easy to see.

#2. When people ask me which is more important, food or love.

#3. Of course, I’m in shape! Round is a shape!

#4. Found a bowling ball. I swallowed it.

#5. Every bite you take, I’ll be watching you.

#6. Let me eat out.

#7. Let me tell ya ’bout dat diabeetus.

#8. I’m sexy and I know it.

#9. Puma’s new plus size logo.

#10. You know it’s hot when the cats start melting.

#11. “Go get yourself a damn boyfriend, Margaret.”

#12. Lumpy cat.

#13. Fitness level: No f**ks given.

#14. How’s your summer diet going? Shut up.

#15. Profile pic vs tagged pic.

#16. When you see all your friends having shirtless summer fun but you can’t participate because of pizza.

#17. 50 pounds of grey.

#18. When someone calls you fat.

#19. When you want to get in shape for summer but you are a fat piece of shirt.

#20. My cat may be getting to fat…

#21. Beware of cat.

#22. In case you’re having a bad day, here’s a fat cat in a sink.

#23. Yes! Yes! Eat, you skinny anorexic pussy! I refuse to be the only fat one.

#24. When you get out of the shower and you sit on the bed trying to get yourself pumped up to get dressed.

#25. Human, is that… a tuna sandwich you got there.

#26. I’m bringin’ sexy back.

#27. When your mom told you it’s just baby fat, and I’ll grow out of it… but you’re 35 years old now.

#28. If I fits, I…

#29. It exists!

#30. My girlfriend attempted to hold both of her cats at once, it deteriorated quickly.

#31. Profile pic and real life.

#32. I sold the dog, here is your cut.

#33. My precious…

#34. Get that silly salad out of my face.

#35. A pigeon got into our house today. My cat Troy has a different method of hunting.

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