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Skillful Artist Creates Gorgeous Embroidery Pieces That Are Pleasing To The Eye

For people who are wondering what embroidery is, it’s a decorative craft that uses a needle to sew thread or yarn onto materials such as cloth or canvas. This form of art has been found worldwide a long time ago and constantly developed till the present with various sewing techniques. Nowadays, we often see embroidery on many familiar items and daily outfits with a wide range of types and colors.

A skillful embroidery artist (Sew Beautiful) based in the United Kingdom has been creating spectacular pieces of embroidery inspired by stunning rural landscapes. You don’t need to visit the UK in person to see such wonderful sights because these amazing artworks are definitely pleasing to the eye. They’re so worthy of being admired since the beauty of nature is perfectly captured.

We have collected some of the best embroidery creations by Sew Beautiful for you to enjoy, let’s check them out in the list below.

More info: Instagram | Etsy

#1. Summer Night

#2. Waterfall

#3. Stunning

#4. Begin To Fly

#5. Lake Blossom

#6. Purple Mountains

#7. From Darkness Comes Light

#8. Hello Spring

#9. Choice Of Dreams

#10. Through The Looking Glass

#11. Sunbathed Tulips

#12. Monet’s Water Lilies

#13. Moonlit Falls

#14. Sun Kissed Path

#15. Always Looking Up

#16. Great Work

#17. Claude Monets Footbridge

#18. Sun Burst

#19. Utopia

#20. Twilight Stroll

#21. The Beauty Of Fall

#22. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

#23. Amazing

#24. Bright Days

#25. Sunset Stroll

#26. French Knot Forest

#27. Gorgeous

#28. Tree Of Life

#29. Fire In The Sky

#30. Winters Warmth

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