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Husky Howls ‘No’ and Shakes His Head To Come Inside During Snow

Dogs are interesting creatures and awesome friends. They even have strong opinions about things around him. If they disagree about something, they will express their attitude or take action to let their owners know that. And this turns out incredibly adorable. Your everyday life will never lack smiles and laughs when having them at home.

Malakai, a 4-year-old dog Siberian husky dog in this story is an example. The fun-loving boy has endless love for the snow falling out there. He can spend the whole day waiting outside and chasing in the snow. He even says “no” when his mom tells him to come inside.

The dog’s mom, Melissa Renick kept insisting him come in for the night. But Malakai refused. He expressed his attitude clearly. Howled “no” and turned his head away.

You can watch their adorable conversation right below.


Malakai still doesn’t want to come inside. #fyp #snowdogs #huskylife #coldaf

♬ Who Let The Dogs Out – Original – The Doggies

People all fall in love with the headstrong personality of the pup. “He’s a grown-ass dog — he does what he wants to do,” Renick said on TikTok. “He’s a good boy, though.”

Although Malakai eventually agreed to stay inside the house, he kept looking sadly out the screen door.


He just wants outside 😭 #fyp #snowdogs #huskylife

♬ Sad Song (feat. Elena Coats) – We The Kings

The dog is living his best life. He just loves playing in the snow and people love his stubbornness and cuteness.

Source: The Dodo

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