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Strange And Incomprehensible Road Signs That Are Seriously Laughable

Road signs are an important part of traffic regulation. Their function is to direct, alarm, and guide the drivers on the upcoming path. Because of this purpose, road signs are designed to be clear, noticeable, and understandable. They are painted in bold colors with simple illustrations and commonly come with descriptions. However, there’re some cases when the road signs are much like a puzzle. They can be either weirdly illustrated or have unusual texts.

Have you ever encountered any weird road signs? What will you do when you see those hard-to-understand instructions? Probably the best choice is calling for help, or you can take a picture of it and share that unbearable silliness with everyone. So, here we have piled up some hilarious photos of peculiar road signs spotted from around the globe. Let’s check them out in the list below.

#1 England has some road signs that I have a hard time figuring out, but this one? Nope, I don’t understand this one at all. Whaaaaatttt????

Image Credit: hexenkult

#2 Watch out for Crossing Aliens?

Image Credit: wrappedinfurribbons

#3 As seen in Massachusetts…

Image Credit: cashmir

#4 Uhh…

Image Credit: keiththewheelman

#5 I’m confused!

Image Credit: geffenblack

#6 And then this prior to a croc feeding event… What exactly does this mean???

Image Credit: philipruther

#7 It’s so complicated.

Image Credit: idahallidayphotographer

#8 Don’t walk on water with your child. By order of Wicklow County Council. Seems harsh…

Image Credit: pauldillon684

#9 As if extreme heat wasn’t enough you have to watch out for tanks.

Image Credit: lostpaths_ig

#10 EU or EU centre, that is the question! Non-EU is not an option here 🙂 So, EU centre please!

Image Credit: lucylu.va


Image Credit: brendan__nadnerb

#12 Okay!!

Image Credit: batako3594

#13 On my way back to Cape Town.

Image Credit: francoisjgsmit

#14 I would like to title this particular piece as “Go Home, Asheville; you’re drunk.”

Image Credit: ariel_allegro

#15 We really liked Albuquerque NM in spite of an apparent problem with cattle abductions.

Image Credit: maryannandono

#16 Hm…

Image Credit: baileymelissa739

#17 Do you remember this road sign on County Road 13 back in 1972?

Image Credit: oxfordcountyarchives

#18 Well I think I found the most precise speed limit in existence. How do you even measure 4 & 7/8?

Image Credit: standup_lawyer

#19 I think this represents Monday’s pretty well.

Image Credit: ___brycewilliams___

#20 No joke this is a legit sign somewhere in the U.S.

Image Credit: gobralesswithcharlotte

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