Abandoned Mom Dog And Two Babies Feel Happy After Getting Rescued By Kind Woman

Near a local business, a mom dog had given birth to two lovely babies and hid them under a water track. Kind villagers in the area noticed the dogs and called Ermioni for help. Ermioni is the founder of Diasozo Animal Rescue (DAR Animal Rescue), which aims to help abandoned, abused, or mistreated animals in Karditsa, Greece. After receiving the call, Ermioni came to the indicated location and resued the dog family.

Screenshot: DAR Animal Rescue

When the puppies were found, their mother was out looking for food. Some people told that she often went around the village, begging for food or searching in the garbage. With some food, the rescuer wanted to take the puppies from under the track. Dealing with them was not difficult, as they were hungry. Two baby angels looked so cute and sweet. Ermioni thought that it was their first time meeting humans. Seeing her babies being caught, the mom dog ran towards and barked at the rescuer. She was afraid that the woman would harm her puppies.

Screenshot: DAR Animal Rescue

Ermioni gave the dog some food to prove that she was offering help. Receiving food, the mom dog calmed down, but she was still very concerned about her kids. As the dog family needed to be taken to a safer place, the rescuer tried to lure the mom dog into a carrier. But it wasn’t as easy as they had expected. The dog hesitated for a long time, but finally got in the cage with her babies. Then, they were driven to the shelter.

Screenshot: DAR Animal Rescue

At the shelter, Ermioni had already prepared for the sweet family a comfortable space. At first, the mom and her puppies didn’t get used to their new home. They started sniffing around for exploration. Wating for them to feel better, the woman fed them with decent food and clean water. Luckily, they all enjoyed it. The mom dog and puppies all seemed relaxed and happy. Several days after, the vet came to check their health. Ermioni was happy that all of them were in good condition.

Screenshot: DAR Animal Rescue

After all, these abandoned dogs could stay in safety and comfort. They no longer had to worry about searching for food and shelter or fighting against dangers every day. At the foster home, they knew that they would be loved and cared for. This lovely family is still finding their new forever homes. If you want to adopt any of these angels, please contact Ermioni on Facebook.

Watch the full rescue here:

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