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Check Out These Persons Whose Eyes Win Genetic Jackpot

The eyes are the domain of the soul. Having rare eye color is the dream of many of us. It’s said that human eyes are naturally brown. Somewhere between 6 and 10 thousand years ago, a genetic mutation occurred that reduced the amount of melanin pigment produced, leading to the emergence of blue eyes. So basically, all people with blue eyes have the same ancestor.

Although we now can change our eye color as we want, that sometimes can lead to unexpected consequences. Fairly speaking, some people are truly blessed, were born with those precious gifts from mother nature. Blue eyes are already pretty rare, but have you ever seen amber, purple, or green eyes? It’s hypnotizing to look at them.

Below is a collection of rare eye colors that will blow your mind. Let’s check it out.

#1 Eye see you!

Image Credit: thechemistnl

#2 Thank you Mom for having blue eyes, and Dad for your green.

Image Credit: meganthedermpa

#3 What would you say?

Image Credit: katyamiro

#4 Grey eyes

Image Credit: elitecolombiangirl

#5 When I look at you in your eyes, I see something is burning inside you 🔥

Image Credit: nihaterdenay

#6 Mesmerizing eyes!

Image Credit: portraits_mf

#7 And yes those are blue lines going horizontally through the eye, not a reflection

Image Credit: carli_rose_photography

#8 #selfiesaturday

Image Credit: thepassenger1121

#9  Can we talk about how gorgeous her eye color is!?

Image Credit: _lunaraesthetics

#10 Perfection!

Image Credit: seaveydaniel

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